awesome aves

Being surrounded by forest means we are visited by a multitude of creatures, some of the most fascinating are the birds. The yellow-tailed black cockatoos usually stop by for a drink at the stock trough.

I don’t know how she was hanging on but this one found the bark of a tea tree very tasty.

I love their mournful call, unlike the hair raising screech of their sulphur-crested cousins.

One of my favourites is the kookaburra, they have so many different sounds.

Returning from the forest with Poppy one afternoon, she found this young fella in a predicament.

10.kookie in fence

He must have dived for a tasty morsel and ended up with his head stuck in the fence. It was a rare occasion when Michael wasn’t around. I ran home and grabbed the wire cutters (and my camera) and cut him free. He was unable to fly so I made him comfortable in the possum trap

11.kookie in cage

and called a friend experienced in wildlife rescue. She took him home for a couple of days while he recovered from exhaustion and dehydration, then, because kookaburras are territorial, he came home to be released.

The superb blue wrens continually bob around the garden

and are handsome even in their eclipse phase.

The New Holland honeyeaters, holland honeyeater

eastern spinebills

and black-headed honeyeaters headed honeyeater

enjoy feasting on the flowers. These three were deep in conversation. headed honeyeaters1

Bath time is always a delight to watch.

The scarlet robins are gorgeous. It’s always nice to see them and to know winter is on the way.


This pair moved in last year, I hope they return.


The green rosella is a regular guest


but herons are rarely seen. This pair may have been staking out the fish pond.


Masked lapwings are a common sight. Often mistakenly referred to as plovers, they are much prettier. Notorious for nesting in the open and being very protective parents, I was privileged to approach this nest in our paddock without being attacked.

38.masked lapwing eggs1

Here is my reward.

39.masked lapwing2

This cheeky chap joined me in the sunroom the other day.


The starlings are a bit of a nuisance but they look good in silhouette.

41.birds on a wire

It’s not easy photographing birds, but I shall keep trying.

9 thoughts on “awesome aves

  1. Love the scarlet robins. Do you get the red-tailed cockatoos as well? Up here ours look a little different, they are huge and the female has yellow colouring and the male has bright red accents. One of my favourite birds.


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