beautiful beach

A short drive from Strahan township is the beautiful Ocean Beach. Forty kilometres of pristine sand lies between the Great Southern Ocean on one side and the west coast wilderness on the other.



The Entrance lighthouse signals the infamous Hells Gates, where the ocean meets Macquarie  Harbour in a shallow, turbulent channel.

7.Entrance Island

On the opposite side is Bonnet Island with its own majestic lighthouse.

9.Bonnet Island2

The breezes that blow from Antarctica and South America create diverse sand patterns.

The waters edge shows the amber hue of the buttongrass tannins


and the natural flotsam lies scattered along the shoreline.

A lone silver gull is loathe to share his paradise,


excepting the driftwood sculptures


and colourful shells.

A seaplane cruises overhead on its way up the Gordon River….


but that’s another story.


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