Spring splendour

Spring is marching on and the bulbs are just a memory. Despite the driest and warmest October on record, there are many new faces in the garden. The crocuses (or croci) pop up in surprising places

The California poppies and Oriental poppies feel free to wander

The fairy irises are scattered around the garden and flower though spring and summer

5.fairy iris

The rhododendron orbs add splashes of colour

The Geraldton Wax and Banksia do a great job of disguising the rainwater tank

11.Geraldton Wax12.banksia

I’m pleased to say the snowball tree has survived a severe pruning

13.snowball tree1

After much searching, I managed to identify the Pieris (lily of the valley shrub)

The yellow Waratah is a late bloomer

17.yellow waratah

as is the port wine Magnolia


A cosy nest has served it’s purpose


There are a few annuals I haven’t been able to identify

We are hoping for a fine crop of berries this year – the Sylvanberry blossoms are promising

24.sylvanberry blossom

Our very handsome North Wind Man keeps a protective eye on his domain

25.north wind man

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