It was after siesta before we reached Montepulciano, another town I had longed to visit. Renowned for Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, a red wine produced in the surrounding vineyards, it is also a major producer of cheese, pork, lentils and honey. Entering at Porta al Prato,


it wasn’t long before the magic of this ancient town revealed itself.


The 16th century Palazzo Avignonesi has a handsome smiling lions head either side of the entrance.

The intricate façade of Palazzo Bucelli is made up of sculptures, added in the early 1700s. Etruscan tombstone fragments, funerary urns and frieze plaques combine to create a magnificent feature.


Chiesa di Sant’ Agostino was built in 1285AD and was completely renovated in the 15th century.


Above the imposing doorway is a beautiful carved portal featuring the Virgin and Child flanked by St. John and St. Augustine.

The shops were enticing


and the sight of a bus traversing the narrow streets seemed out of place.


We explored as much as we could in the time we had



and our final discovery was the oldest shop in Montepulciano.


It was superbly rustic with fabulous leather goods beckoning from every nook.


The clock had beaten us and after a last gelati indugence, we made our way back to Il Castagno.

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