fencing fun

Last weekend we completed a project that has been on the list for years. The fencing along the driveway was atrocious but we had to build the retaining wall (see “wonder wall” post) before we could fix it.


We started by putting in extra posts.


Some of the old ones came out easier than expected

others needed a bit of encouragement.


Our old drill had finally retired after 15 years, no more swearing with the new one.


After running two lines of straight wire, we rolled out the wallaby.


It comes in 100 metre rolls so we had to do it in two sections. We held it loosely upright on the posts

11.wire up

and secured one end


then strained it tightly and fixed it to the posts.


Then to the other end. We strained the bottom

14.straining bottom

then the top

15.straining top

until it was nice and tight. Fixed to the posts, three more lines of straight and clipped the wallaby to the straight lines.


We then tackled the fenceline at the entrance to the property. Barbed wire is dreadful stuff, it should be illegal.


We dug in some new posts

18.hole digging

took the old wire down and soon had the new one up.

19.wire up

We are very pleased with our new fence but a little sad because it is probably the last fencing we will ever do.

20.new fence

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