wondrous walk

My favourite walk with Poppy is one we call the river walk. The Blythe Conservation Area meets our property at the eastern boundary. Across the paddock and through a gate, we join a walking track. A short distance along, I look to my right and am awestruck at the realisation we live in our own patch of Tasmanian wilderness.


The view across the valley changes with the seasons.


Now and then there is a little surprise

and the forest embraces from all sides as the track continues.


Nature’s debris has its own beauty

and the trees reach for the sky.


About a kilometre into the forest, the track descends steeply to the Blythe River,


a serene spot for a few hours of fishing.


The light reflects the natural tannins in the water.


The best time of day to walk the river track is early morning, the rising sun glistening through the trees is spectacular.



Just another day in paradise.

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