splendid shed

Having a veggie garden meant I had to have a potting shed. A few quick sketches and we had a plan. Once the posts were in place for the veggie enclosure, we built the framework for the shed to make the most of the concrete delivery.

1.shed frame

We then finished the veggie patch before embarking into the unknown. With the outdoor workshop in place


we set about building the rest of the frame using reclaimed hardwood.

The roof frame came next


and the verandah.

We wanted to retain the rustic look and the scavenged corrugated iron was perfect for the roof.

It was starting to feel cosy inside.


We bought the windows from the local salvage yard and they were next to be fitted.

The mezzanine floor isn’t quite big enough to sleep on but it’s great for storage.


The floor joists

27.floor supports

were followed closely by the cladding. Again, the local salvage yard just happened to have the cedar cladding we needed, painted white on one side but that didn’t matter – it’s on the inside.

We allowed ourselves a break


then finished the cladding.

Michael’s bespoke stable door is a work of art.

The flooring is Tasmanian oak seconds

and the ceiling is reclaimed pine flooring.


We found a huge Macrocarpa slab for a bargain price at the salvage yard and it became the workbench.

The potting shed was complete. The chair is a gorgeous circa 1910 commode I couldn’t resist.


We had just enough bricks to pave the verandah,


the perfect place for freshly picked pumpkin.


Everything I need for playing in the veggie patch is in “my” potting shed and it is the ideal environment for drying onions & garlic.

We are very proud of our shed and, as you probably noticed, our home-brew stout was a crucial element to our success.



6 thoughts on “splendid shed

  1. I couldn’t wait to get to work this morning to check the pics out on a bigger screen. It must have been a lot of fun and very satisfying. Great end result. You should have your own cable TV show


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