grapes, gourmet & guitar

Ghost Rock is an award winning vineyard on the central north coast of Tasmania. Established in 1989, the vineyard was one of the first to be planted in this region and in 2001, the Ghost Rock label was launched. Once a month, on a Sunday afternoon, they promote live music. The star attraction in July was my husband, Michael, a very talented singer, songwriter and musician. We arrived early before the lunch crowd


and once Michael had set up


we enjoyed a delicious Ghost Rock Platter, complemented by a glass of superb chardonnay


We were soon joined by our support team, not a big group, but I think quality is far more important than quantity

5.the group

Another Ghost Rock Platter and Guacamole Dip were ordered, along with a couple of bottles of wine


Before long, we had a full house

4.the crowd

and Michael entertained the diners while they ate, drank and were merry.

7. singing

It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, the gorgeous view and cavorting cattle added to the relaxing atmosphere

8.designer view

To find out how Ghost Rock got it’s name and to learn more about this fabulous venue, go to

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